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  • What We Do

    We counsel students seeking to pursue higher education, both undergraduate and graduate, in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Europe.


    A college education abroad is likely one of the most expensive investments you will ever make. College provides a foundation for the rest of a child's life, giving them the skills to analyze and solve problems, be effective leaders, and free-thinking individuals.


    We care about our students and want to help them find the school that will best allow them to grow intellectually and creatively, meet their professional goals, and feel safe, happy, and secure. We accordingly put a lot of effort into getting to know our students and providing them invaluable one-on-one attention.


    We have been through the college and graduate school application processes ourselves and know it can be daunting. We do not claim to perform miracles but can give our students their best competitive edge, using our experience and resources, and presenting them to admissions committees in a way that connects students' assets and unique story with their future aspirations. We also have wide-ranging knowledge about universities and graduate schools and believe that finding the school that best fits an individual's academic and professional goals, as well as, personality, preference for weather, geography, and safety, and a host of other things, is paramount to making this investment pay off for parents.

  • Undergraduate Guidance



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    9th/10th Grades

    • Counseling students on constructing their high school curriculum based on their interests and level
    • Advising on what standardized tests to take and when to take them
    • Devising a plan for extra-curricular activities, summer programs and internships
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    11th Grade

    • Developing lists of prospective schools
    • Providing assistance with applications to pre-college programs
    • Counseling students on constructing their high school curriculum based on their interests and level
    • Advising on what standardized tests to take and when to take them
    • Devising a plan for extra-curricular activities, summer programs and internships
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    12th Grade

    • Guiding students on their university applications and helping them keep track of deadlines
    • Coaching students on writing effective college application essays 
    • Coaching students on how to conduct interviews with local alumni as well as school admissions representatives
    • Organizing meetings with higher education institutions for students and their families
    • Assisting with the post-admission process and guiding students and parents on next steps

    Please note that we do NOT: Write application or any other essays on behalf of the student, fill out scholarship forms, write recommendations.

  • Other Services

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    Transfer Students

    We offer consulting services to students who would like to transfer from one university to another, whether staying in the same field or changing majors.

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    Graduate Schools

    Our services include graduate school guidance for institutions in the United States and United Kingdom.

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    Ad Hoc Consultation

    We provide session based guidance and training on the application process, how to write effective essays and how to perform well in interviews.

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    We provide private tutoring in AP World History.








  • Who We Are




    Our Counselors

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    Zeynep Altınordu Bowlus

    Zeynep's Story

    I must admit that I was quite stressed out while applying to colleges. I was studying at a boarding school in England that did not have guidance counselors. Writing college application essays was even more daunting. Then with the help of a family friend, I started developing ideas. I read books on how to write effective essays, I worked on draft after draft. Now, when I look back at my application essays, I am proud not because they were elaborately written or complex pieces of literature (they are not!) but because I can see the 17 year-old version of myself in those words.


    When I received my results that spring, although I had some disappointments, overall I was very happy with my offers. I was lucky to know some people, mostly friends' of family, some of whom were alumni of these schools, who gave me useful advice. In the end, I made a great choice. My college years were the best years of my life.


    My personal application experience helped me decide to change careers from finance to education counseling after I moved back home to Turkey. I wanted to provide guidance to students who were probably going through similar confusions, anxieties and excitements that I had and to help them find their perfect fit, too. I started working at Erengul Counseling with Zeynep Erengul, who was the best mentor anyone can ask for. I am lucky to still benefit from her wisdom and experience.


    For me, this work is not just about getting students into universities. It is also about mentoring students to become independent individuals, to learn to do tasks on their own, and to put their curious minds to work and find their creative sides.


    Zeynep Altınordu Bowlus graduated cum laude and with honors in her major in International Affairs (BSc) from Georgetown University (SFS) and an MPA in public administration from New York University, having obtained a merit scholarship. In total, she spent 14 years in the United States, in addition to studying four years in Dorset, England for high school.


    Zeynep is a CIS Affiliated Consultant Member.


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    John V. Bowlus

    John's Story

    As a high-performing high school student-athlete fromSacramento, California, I struggled to navigate the process of applying to selective east coast schools. My family hired a private counselor to help me strategize about which schools to apply to, solicit the attention of water polo coaches, and plan my application. All of this led me to Brown University, a perfect fit. Brown's smallclass sizes, focus on undergraduates, and spirit of encouraging intellectual discovery and creativity cultivated my love of learning. I also made lasting connections with professors, two of whom I consider friends and see when I go back to campus, and got to play four years of Division I water polo.

    Having gone on to a master's and PhD at the University ofChicago, and Georgetown University, respectively, I understand the American university landscape and what application committees look for in students. Hint: it's a combination of a demonstrated performance record, intellectual curiosity, and social awareness, all of which combine to form a "narrative" that conveys that the student is unique and will go on to succeed in life. Having grown up in the United States, lived in six different cities, and travelled to 49 states, I can speak to the differences between schools, cities, and regions. What most families know mostly by name, I can put into real context.

    I have always worked in education, and am passionate abouthelping students achieve their educational aspirations. In the past, I have tutored students in English, Latin, math, and SAT prep (including a year-long stint at Kaplan in New York City). I have considerable experience in writing and editing asEditor-in-Chief of Global Business Reports and Energy Reporters and Web Editor at Oxford BusinessGroup.

    In addition to counseling and essay coaching, I tutor AP World History, European History,and American History, teach an energy class to master's students at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, and help Bosphorus University students on a pro bonobasis with their personal statements for master's applications.


    John V. Bowlus grew up in Sacramento, California and has a BA in classics andhistory from Brown University, an MA in social sciences from The University of
    Chicago, and a PhD in history from Georgetown University. He did the Peace
    Corps in Senegal from 2002-2004 and worked in Boston, Washington DC, New York, and Beirut. He loves the Mediterranean, basketball and soccer cards, andthe NBA, especially his hometown Kings and the player they should have drafted:
    Luka Doncic. He has lived in Turkey since 2011.


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    Eda Suzer

    Eda's Story

    I spent half of my life in the United States with my family. After finishing middle school in Istanbul, I attended high school in Palm Beach, FL. After graduation, I enrolled at Bryant Univeristy in Rhode Island.


    I love working with and helping kids in one of the major decisions of their lives. Having gone through this process myself, I can relate to the hardships and obstacles of the admissions process.


    Eda Süzer has a BS in Business Management from Bryant University with a Marketing & Communications major. After graduation she worked for an international company organizaing trade fairs across the world. Now she lives in Istanbul with her two kids but still spends most of her summers in the US.



    Our Mentor

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    Zeynep Erengül

    Zeynep's Story

    When I was teaching at Istanbul University, I was bombarded by students asking me about the application process for schools abroad. At that time, I was trying my best to learn about the process myself, to help show my students the way and prepare for the admission exams.


    As my knowledge grew, I gradually assumed the role of consultant and helped numerous students at the university apply for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. After gaining experience, I decided to set up my own company, thus launching my over 25-year career college counseling and coaching, during which we were proud to help a great number of students gain admission to the schools of their dreams. Over this time, I have enjoyed every minute of guiding students to find their future careers, matching them with the best possible schools abroad, finding solutions to their problems, and helping them develop into mature individuals.


    Instead of retiring after so many years of hard work, I chose to continue by collaborating with Zeynep, Emir, John, and Eda to provide guidance and help whenever I am needed.

    Zeynep Erengül graduated from Üsküdar American Academy and has a BA in English Literature from Bogazici University and an MA in English Language Teaching from Middle East Technical University. She has two sons, both Boğaziçi University graduates, who are in academia.



  • 2020-2024 Enrollments

    Arts University Bournemouth

    Babson College

    Bocconi University

    Boston University

    Brown University

    City, University of London

    Clark University

    Columbia University

    Durham University

    Eindhoven University of Technology

    Erasmus University Rotterdam


    Fordham University

    George Washington University

    Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

    Goldsmiths, University of London

    IE University

    Imperial College London

    Istituto Marangoni

    Johnson & Wales

    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

    King's College London

    Loyola Marymount University

    McGill University

    New York University (NYU)

    Northeastern University

    Northwestern University

    NYU Tisch School of the Arts

    Parsons School of Design

    Penn State University

    Pratt Institute

    Purdue University

    Queen Mary University

    Ringling College of Art and Design

    Rutgers University

    Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

    Royal College of Art

    Royal Holloway, University of London

    San Diego State University

    School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

    School of Visual Arts

    Trinity College Dublin

    Tufts University

    TU Delft

    University of Amsterdam

    University of the Arts London (UAL)

    University of Bath

    University of Birmingham

    University of British Columbia (UBC)

    University of California, Berkeley

    University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    University College London (UCL)

    University of Connecticut

    University of Edinburgh

    University of Exeter

    University of Manchester

    University of Maryland

    University of Miami

    University of Michigan

    University of Nottingham

    University of Ottowa

    University of Oxford

    University of Surrey

    University of Toronto

    University of Virginia

    University of Warwick

    Villanova University

    Vrije University Amsterdam

    Webster University

    Yale University

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    Cevdet Pasa Cad. 127/1 Bebek

    Istanbul 34340, Turkey

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    +90 533 2541307

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